NEON SIGN TYPE & the Queen, Tracey Emin

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I’ve always had a soft spot for a little creative neon sign typography, so it’s no wonder that I’m still kicking myself that I did not make it to Tracey Emin’s first U.S. show at MOCA North Miami during Art Basel…ugh! You may recognize Emin’s work as the neon handwritten type signs…they’re honest, full of feeling, fleeting and often humorous declarations, yet in a brightly lit permanent medium, they command your attention. They add an edge and chicness to a room, especially when incorporated into an interior where you’d least expect it. If given the opportunity to light up a thought, what would you so boldly declare? Where would you display it?

Laura Day


Blair Clarke via Lonny


Jute Interiors via Houzz


MCA Estudio via Houzz


Gray Malin studio

Here are some of Emin’s actual work (obsessed!):

If you are in Miami, you can catch this show until Sunday. And let me know if you do!

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  1. I have seen these and never knew they were by a particular artist! Thanks for the post! 😉

  2. I love neon signs and the weird applications they have been in lately…..esp the Laura Day installation. I am not sure I could pull this off….I am CRAZY FINICKY about lighting, it might freak me out. I hung LED snowflakes on my mantel for Christmas and never turned them on because it made the space too bright! I’m weird….

  3. Wao, it is looking so nice. Now we can make a hand written signs with the help of the neon signs. So now we can also decorate our room as we want to. So it is really a useful post for us. Thanks for post.