THE COLLECTEUR Carmen Busquets in Paris

Carmen Busquets Paris aparment John Baldessari mixed media art Preen dress Manolo Blahnik
“The people who have vision are the ones who make it.”
— Carmen Busquets

One of my favorite downtime activities is to multitask on my spin bike and read up on inspiring, leading ladies in business, design, art and style. One recently spotted: international fashion online entrepreneur Carmen Busquets. She believes in investing in the process of creativity, not simply collecting art. It’s all about the personal experience for her; each piece represents another life experience. And she’s filled her home with those memories.

Even though Busquets travels between Latin America, Miami, Barcelona, Milan, New York and Paris, she’s made the city of lights her more permanent home. Remodeling a 1980’s apartment she inherited from her parents, she transformed the space into a thoroughly modern maison. But take note, art lovers: she even commissioned an installation art piece by Daniel Bruen. Now that’s a passion for art.

Carmen Busquets Paris aparment art kitchen Christian Astugueville stooks statues

Carmen Busquets Paris aparment Daniel Buren installation red orange yellow

Carmen Busquets Paris aparment art antlers Dolce Gabbana dress Jimmy Choo

Carmen Busquets Paris aparment Anselm Reyle silver foil art Lanvin dress

Would you be so bold? I would, for the silver foil piece by Anselm Reyle above!

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Photography by Christopher Sturman via

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  1. Amazing- gallery in her own home! I don’t have the funds but I’m always happy to see others that do support artists and the arts.

    Love the new website!

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