WEEKEND PROJECT Kid’s D.I.Y. Abstract Art

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Happy Friday! This week I stumbled upon this painting my daughter did about a year ago, and fondly remembered how it was a random Sunday afternoon that we went to our local crafts store, picked up a few canvases, acrylic paint tubes and brushes, and had some fun. Young kids don’t have that internal doubt of themselves yet, so they’re more free creatively than adults, and therefore, you never know what magic they might conjure up. Let them let loose.

If you are looking for something to do on a rainy and/or lazy day, this is a quick, easy, fun little project that will bring a family together, and bonus: you get a treasured piece to display in your home or office.

a few 16″x20″ canvases
Tip: I like 16″x20″ because it gives them room to play; and get more than one as they’ll go through them very quickly!

acrylic paint tubes
Tip: get tubes of solid color and think about the color scheme — or let them choose. I like Liquitex.

a flat brush for acrylic paint
Tip: the 3/4″ to 1″ size is versatile

small plastic party plates
Tip: squeeze out the paint for them in blobs on separate plates they don’t try to mix the colors (because they will, and it will all be brown!)

plastic cups for water

towel or paper towels to blot brush

Also makes a great Mother’s Day gift for grandma!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Thanks Erika. Your daughter is very talented. I’m inspired stretch and gesso a canvas and have fun with paint this weekend. 🙂