sealoe Paris Sydney prints

We share a love of simplistically strong typefaces and all things Kate Moss.

New discovery and latest obssession of mine, Sealoe, creates edgy but pretty, black/white/gold prints, pillows, iPhone cases, coffee mugs, and “wallies” for the modern, fashion-forward gal. I’m not only hooked on the pieces in their shop, but also on the inspiration within their Instagram account and blog (which as it turns out, I spotted two pics from my house!)


sealoe love louder wallies kate moss

sealoe victoria tornegrens apt

sealoe black white pillows Chanel

sealoe Kristin Sundberg home bon appetit print

sealoe Kristin Sundberg home inhale exhale print

sealoe iphone case Chanel kate moss

sealoe not your standard blog paris gold print

sealoe not your standard blog coco home obsession prints

Also loving their latest non-type print ‘Bang Bang’:

sealoe bang bang gold print

I know I must have at least one of their prints in my office, immediately. But which one????

Check out the Sealoe website for more products and inspiration!


Images by Sealoe except: 2. by Lisa Olssen /4. Victoria Tornegrens / 6 & 7. Kristin Sundberg / 9 & 10. Not Your Standard blog

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