THE EVOLUTION of an Inspiration Pinboard (Four Themes)

inspiration pinboard early fall 2014 art boho chic Tracey Emin James Turrell Erika Brechtel

Yay it’s Friday! It’s been such a busy week that it was imperative for me to take breaks here and there and work on a new inspiration pinboard for my office. Exploring what’s inspiring me at the moment and collaging it together really helps me to stay creatively motivated and excited.  I don’t know how to describe my current vibe except to say it seems to be much influenced by a boho Euro chic Isabel Marant style, my fave contemporary artists at the moment (Tracey Emin, James Turrell and Marilyn Minter), and a definite feminine softness and sex appeal. But that’s how these boards usually come together: I’ll start with a few pieces and play around with arranging them, editing the composition and selections until I see a theme emerge.

inspiration pinboard early fall 2014 art boho chic Kate Moss Erika Brechtel

inspiration pinboard early fall 2014 art boho chic Erika Brechtel

inspiration pinboard early fall 2014 art boho chic Alessandra Ambrosio Erika Brechtel

I thought it would be fun to show the evolution of this pinboard through four seasons:

inspiration pinboard DIY pink green Kate Moss Erika Brechtel photo by Jen Daigle

The one that started it all: “D.I.Y. Inspiration Pinboard” tutorial (photo by Jennifer Daigle)

 inspiration pinboard late summer 2013 mediterraean riviera chic Erika Brechtel

Late summer theme: Riviera holiday chic

 inspiration pinboard DIY early winter blush gold black white fur Erika Brechtel photo by Melissa Vossler

Early winter theme: black, white, blush & fur (photo by Melissa Vossler)

inspiration pinboard early fall 2014 art euro chic Tracey Emin James Turrell Marilyn Minter Erika Brechtel

Current theme: artsy Euro chic

 I highly recommend this exercise for you! To try it out, check out my “D.I.Y. Inspiration Pinboard” step-by-step example. And have fun with it!


Photos by Erika Brechtel (unless otherwise noted)

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  1. I love seeing your new boards – they are always inspiring. This evolution is great to see but you make it look so easy! I have to imagine it takes a lot of time and creativity!