Erika Brechtel home bedroom cowhide headboard antlers painting bon soir pillows fur throw photo by Bryce Covey

No. 1 Throw a cowhide over your headboard for an instant chic update

It was a completely unintentional fix — I had originally purchased the cowhide for my office. When it didn’t work as planned, that lightbulb lit up. Now I can’t imagine using it any other way. Voilà! I got a “headboard” for $199!

Erika Brechtel home living room brass coffee table beni ourain rug black white gold Tom Ford photo by Bryce Covey

No. 2 Re-style your coffee table for the season

I have my formula for styling a coffee table but I get to change it up every season with different accessories, books, flowers, and magazines. Choose a different color scheme to refresh it just a touch.

Erika Brechtel home kitchen cabinet brass pulls photo by Bryce Covey

No. 3 Replace your standard kitchen cabinet hardware with brass pulls

Our tract home townhouse came with tract home hardware. Blah. I found these brass pulls at $7/piece, and now my kitchen looks fresh, modern and glam! Check.

Erika Brechtel home dining room brass chandelier DIY photo by Bryce Covey

No. 4 Make a chandelier

What a difference a light fixture makes! And the fact that Lindsey Adelman fixtures go for $6000+, the modern chandelier DIY she created for us regular folk for under $200 is so generous of her. You should take advantage of that (like we did).

Try one of these for a seasonal pick-me-up! It will invigorate you, I promise!


Design & styling by Erika Brechtel; photos by Bryce Covey for Style Me Pretty Living

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  1. Any idea where I could find simething similar to your antler art? Such a beautiful room!