BRAND STYLED Tamra Sanford, Ever Swoon

Brand Styled Tamra Sanford Ever Swoon

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I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while! To be able to go back and interview some of my clients after collaborating with them to launch their brand, and introduce/reintroduce them to you makes me absolutely giddy. I love love love hearing how these amazing entrepreneurs are doing now, what they’ve learned, and what’s to come.

For our first “Brand Styled” please welcome client Tamra Sanford of ever swoon! I remember fondly when I was working on her initial logo concepts, I got that “flash of inspiration” as I recalled how unforgettable her sparkly Christian Louboutin wedding shoes were. Et voilà! The ever swoon brand was born….

Name & Title

Tamra Sanford
Owner & Principal Planner


Ever Swoon LLC




New York City


Running a business is a lot of work! What made you decide to start it up and what keeps you going?
I realized I could turn my passion into a career. My clients, personal fulfillment, and personal drive keep me going. I am motivated by the need to be challenged, to provide the best service for my clients, and to help them enjoy this special time in their lives.

When you initially thought about the branding of your business, what ‘brand muses’ inspired you?
I took my inspiration from things that make me smile, remind me of joyful times, spark my creativity, and fit my personality. When I was working with Erika on my logo I told her that my wedding shoes invoke joy, the happiest memories and represent my personality. Ever swoon’s purpose which also served as inspiration for my branding, is to create events that have everyone swooning.

Having gone through the branding process, what would you say your ‘brand style’ is?
Ever swoon’s brand style is a three dimensional cocktail of sorts one part spirit, one part modern, and one part chic all served clean!

Can you think of a tipping point in your journey, a defining moment that made your business take off?
What steps did you take to get there?
The defining moment was definitely being listed as a New York Magazine’s preferred wedding vendor within the first year of launching ever swoon. Looking back now, the steps were very organic, yet they included the usual and necessary determination, hard work, networking, social media, and hosting a launch party just to name a few! One of the most important steps was prioritizing where I needed to invest and investing with the right people to help build my company, which included hiring Erika Brechtel as my brand stylist. I would “hit the pavement” every day (sometimes in my sparkly shoes) introducing myself and my company to vendors and venues while building relationships with each person I met. Producing a swoon worthy event is a team effort and I wanted to know the best vendors to call upon to create each client’s #teamswoon.

Describe a typical day in the life.
The exciting thing about event planning is that it is always changing; there is no typical day, and luckily I thrive on the whirlwind environment. Everyday I am multitasking! It is a fastpaced industry, and I can easily work 15+ hour work days without even realizing it. An example of a real day taken from my calendar included drafting budgets, meeting new brides, running across town for a venue walkthrough, meeting with a client to pick out rentals, and attending a florist mockup and all before 1pm. It isn’t an easy job and not as glamorous as one might think, but I really love what I do! Luckily, Bella, my Boston Terrier (#heartbeatatmyfeet), reminds me it is time to take a break and go for a walk around the block to recharge.

Owning a business means you get to touch base with every facet of it from product development, to interacting with clients/customers, to marketing decisions. At the end of the day, what aspect do you find the most rewarding?
Interacting with clients and vendors and being able to make others’ lives easier which allows them to enjoy their special times are the most rewarding parts of my job. Those are the “sparkles” in my business that energize me.

What’s one way that you continue to develop and improve yourself and/or your business?
Hiring additional staff to join team swoon has been an important development aspect. In addition, I continuously look for and develop new ways to improve operations and efficiency.

Any can’t live without software programs or apps that have helped you run your day/life/business better?
My goto programs are Google Drive, Drop Box, Intuit / Quick books online, and Social Tables all of which have mobile & ipad apps!

What piece of advice can you give other entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?
Focus on providing services and/or creating products that make you happy. Write down what you love to do. Don’t sway from your end goal.

What essentials can always be found in your purse (or on your desk)?
My desk is my main command center which must always have notepad, bottle of water, a backup hard drive, and my phone headset. As a power multitasker, I wear my headset with pride (even if I look like a telemarketer!). Tip: Always back up your work; you don’t want to learn the hard way!

What’s one thing we may be surprised to learn about you?
I love to golf with my husband whom I lovingly refer to as Mr. Swoon. My bag is pink and my irons are sparkled.

The future is bright! What is in store for you? Any exciting news to share?
I have some plans coming down the pike that include expansion that will have us swooning down south!

Thank you T! You’re an inspiration!

Be sure to check Tamra out over on ever swoon!


Photo credits: top, Brian Dorsey Studios; middle right & bottom left, Alicia Swedenborg Photography; brand styled by Erika Brechtel

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  1. I can’t believe 3 years has passed!!! I can’t thank you enough for bringing my brand to life! Very excited for our upcoming projects!