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Halloween no carve painted pumpkins designer logos by Erika Brechtel

Happy Halloween! I continued my no-carve pumpkin tradition this year, and set out to create an ever easier version than my 2-step paint & stick “edgy chic pumpkins” DIY, and my 1-step stick “disco ball pumpkin” DIY. But well, inspiration struck and I couldn’t resist having some fun with them this go around….call it an homage to a few of the best logos/brands ever designed.


1. I painted each pumpkin with a base coat first using Martha Stewart Home craft paints, then applied a second coat to each to create solid consistent color. (The orange is actually a glow-in-the-dark paint but it’s not as bright as I would have liked!) I let them dry overnight.

2. For the Gucci pumpkin, I painted the red stripe first using a flat 1″ brush. Once dry, I painted the two green stripes on either side. You do have to have a steady hand and it’s best to paint each stripe in one slow stroke if you can.

3. I measured out about how much space I had on each pumpkin for each graphic, then printed out the logos in reverse (see my template PDF here) in black. Turning the page over I rubbed the individual logos onto the pumpkins with a pencil. (Warning though, it worked semi-well on the lighter pumpkins but on the black one I had to freehand it.)

4. Using the faint outlines, I painted each logo with a small tip brush. I ended up writing in the “PARIS” under the Hermès logo with a black sharpie. (I admit I really wanted to draw the horse icon too, but ok, that would have been overkill!)

Have a fun and safe night!


Pumpkins by Erika Brechtel

Please note: the logos included here are the registered trademarks of each individual company. This tutorial and the graphics provided are intended for personal use only. 

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