Art Basel Miami 2014 Erika Brechtel Arch Digest Oasis party James Royal Palm

UPDATED Hello from sunny Miami! I’m here in the midst of one of the biggest art events in the world — Art Basel is exhilarating and inspirational and motivational and exhausting all in one. The creativity, the connections and events all over the city provide endless opportunities to soak in new experiences and I am taking full advantage of it. Some snapshots of my adventures:

Art Basel Miami 2014 Erika Brechtel Arch Digest Oasis party Mallory Evans Jacqueline McCaw

Architectural Digest AD Oasis opening party at the James Royal Palm

Art Basel Miami 2014 Erika Brechtel Wallpaper mag party Espasso Shore Club penthouse rooftop

Wallpaper magazine for Espasso penthouse rooftop party at the Shore Club

Art Basel Miami 2014 Erika Brechtel Select Art Fair

Select Art Fair

Art Basel Miami 2014 Erika Brechtel Select Art Fair Andrei Sharov watercolors

Watercolors by artist Andrei Sharov

Art Basel Miami 2014 Erika Brechtel Select Art Fair Angela China gumshoe

Artist Angela China with her “Gumshoe” series (love!)…I actually saw her work the previous night at Nobu and commented to my friend about it. The next day I happened to walk by and see it again, had to stop, and was able to meet the artist! I ended up purchasing a print which will go in my office remodel!

Art Basel Miami 2014 Erika Brechtel design talk One Paraiso Lissoni OMA Norten Pat Bosch Perkins Will

Metropolis magazine design talk “Shaping the New Miami” at One Paraiso with five international architects: Shohei Shigematsu of OMA, Pietro Lissoni, Enzo Enea, Enrique Norten, and Pat Bosch of Perkins + Will

Art Basel Miami 2014 Erika Brechtel ICAM Sanatorium by Pedro Reyes

“Sanatorium” experimental psychology art installation by Pedro Reyes at the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami in the Design District. Guests entered various rooms with self-realizing social experiments. In the above, each space represented a different time of life such as “childhood” “career” “legacy” and guests were asked to find objects from the shelves that represent that time for them. Other rooms included activities such as a “dirty little secret in a bottle” and “philosophical roll of the dice.” I enjoyed this very much!

Art Basel Miami 2014 Erika Brechtel PAMM 1 yr anniversary party

Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) 1-year anniversary party

Art Basel Miami 2014 Erika Brechtel PAMM Mark Handforth Western Sun

Mark Handforth’s Western Sun at PAMM

And this was just the first 24 hours!

On Day 2, I visited the Convention Center, the “main event.” Although large (and expensive) I do love that you can see a variety of styles & media, and view famous artists as well as new artists all in one place.

art basel miami 2014 convention center

art basel miami 2014 Warhol

There were a lot of Warhol’s, which I thought was interesting!

art basel miami 2014 Amber Radical by Mark Handforth

“Amber Radical” by Mark Handforth (one of my favorite pieces!)

art basel miami 2014 ombre silk panels by Matti Braun

Ombre silk panels by Matti Braun (so pretty!)

art basel miami 2014 Zander Blom

Zander Blom

art basel miami 2014 Bed by Claire Morgan

“Bed” by Claire Morgan
These were creepy cool — painstakingly crafted!

art basel miami 2014 Allora and Calzadilla

Allora and Calzadilla (palm tree art — hello!)

art basel miami 2014 Cy Twombly

A nice tribute front and center to recently departed Cy Twombly

art basel miami 2014 I Fell in Love Here by Tracey Emin

Of course I couldn’t leave without seeing at least one Tracey Emin!

On Day 3, I visited two of the tented fairs on the beach. My fave show was “Untitled” fair, created for gallerists in a tent designed by an architect:

art basel miami untitled 2014 tent

art basel miami untitled 2014 ot by Klaus Jorres

o.t. by Klaus Jorres

art basel miami untitled 2014 Sunrise by Addie Wagenknecht

“Sunrise” by Addie Wagenknecht

art basel miami untitled 2014 threaded geometrics by Adrian Esparza

closeup of a threaded geometric work by Adrian Esparza

art basel miami untitled 2014 digital print on mirror by Kristen Lorello

digital print onto a mirrored panel by Kristen Lorello

art basel miami untitled 2014 destroyed portrait by Kadar Brock

This artist fascinated me! Kadar Brock was a portrait painter that decided to destroy his works by sanding them down. He even collected all the sawdust and created a sculpture of it. I thought the end result was quite beautiful!

Thank you Miami for yet another memorable trip! Until next time…

art basel miami 2014 farewell sunset


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  1. I purchased the original to the far left in the Angela China picture above. She now lives in my den. Angela brought it to our home. My wife and I were fast friends with her and can’t wait to see her again.