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You may remember I helped a friend with his living room recently, and we’ve since moved to his bedroom decor. Keeping with the same palette of masculine materials like metals, leather and stone in neutral colors, the bedroom takes on a Mad Men meets Tom Ford sensibility. And bonus: every piece is available for purchase online to accommodate the modern man’s busy schedule…

No.1 ‘Amber Agates 1’ framed print / No.2 Tom Dixon copper pendant / No.3 ‘Amber Agates 2’  / No.4 brass pillar lamp with black croc shade / No.5 leather tufted headboard / No.6 nailhead nightstand / No.7 ‘Luna’ black marble tray with Serge Lutens ‘Une Voix Noire’, Bois ‘Aethereus’ and Tom Ford ‘Noir’ / No.8 ‘Gemma’ mirror / No.9 ‘Pietra’ boxes / No.10 ‘GQ March 1967′  / No.11 ‘Palais’ 6-drawer dresser / No.12 mid-century task lamp in black

I wasn’t sure if he’d go for the dresser, but so glad he did! Adds that extra touch of old world luxe to elevate it from mid-century. (And so my ‘5 Pieces’ rule works yet again!)

I’ll be sure to photograph the final spaces and share!

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