#MCM David Gandy

David Gandy study suit

If you’re not familiar with British model David Gandy, you can thank me later. Vogue ranked Gandy #2 in their “Top Male Models of All Time” and he’s a regular on “Best Dressed” lists all over the web. A man with looks, style, and a big heart, Gandy donates his time to several charitable efforts including a home for homeless cats and dogs (yes that’s right, he loves animals too). And as if all of this isn’t enough to make you crush, how about the fact that his hobby is DIY-ing, personally renovating his home in West London (his study, above) from top to bottom with found antiques off eBay and the like? (I should note that I am also a fan of how he handles his social media and brand management, but that’s just me.) One beautiful human it seems, all around.

David Gandy Marks and Spencer Winter 2014 gray cableknit sweater

David Gandy Matches Fashion LCM shoot

David Gandy for Marks and Spencer blue sweater

David Gandy Out Magazine black white

David Gandy street style via British Vogue

David Gandy for Marks and Spencer cardigan sweater

David Gandy street style mixed suit gray blue hat

David Gandy BOND magazine blue suit

David Gandy Marks and Spencer loungewear

David Gandy Marks and Spencer Winter 2014 turtleneck suit

David Gandy morning coffee pic by Victor Demarchelier

David Gandy for Marks and Spencer layered cardigan sweater

David Gandy BOND magazine Esquire Malaysia black white smoking

My girlfriends and I may or may not group text each other “Gandy Candy” every so often….can you blame us?


Photos via the David Gandy Official Facebook page

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