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tribal trend printed yoga mats Erika Brechtel

After a decade-long ‘hiatus’ I recently took back up my yoga practice, and it feels fantastic! It does a body and soul good, but that doesn’t mean while I’m at it, I can’t be stylish too. Already a lover of the tribal trend happening in fashion, I couldn’t resist picking up one of these pretty planks to join me on my journey. Here are nine options to get your own boho bliss on:

No.1 Mara Hoffman ‘Skybird Turquoise Print’ yoga mat / No.2 Magic Carpet ‘Traditional Yoga Mat’ in Rose / No.3 La Vie Boheme ‘Bahar’ yoga mat / No.4 Yeti Yoga ‘Helena’ yoga mat / No.5 La Vie Boheme ‘Phoenix’ yoga mat / No.6 Yeti Yoga ‘Cassidy’ yoga mat / No.7 Yeti Yoga ‘Rowan’ yoga mat / No.8 Magic Carpet ‘Suzani’ yoga mat / No.9 La Vie Boheme ‘Marrakech’ yoga mat

Wouldn’t you know, I bought the ‘Marrakech’ yoga mat without even realizing it. (See, it was meant to be!)

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Can you tell me if and when the Mara Hoffman Skybird yoga mat will be available again? Please save my name and let me know if they become available again.
    Thank you!
    Terri Hagenmayer