D.I.Y. Flash Tattoo Pumpkins

Easiest pumpkins ever. (Even for kids!)

You may have seen my pumpkins over the past three years (studded, disco ball & couture) — I’m a big believer in the no-mess, no-carve method. This year I decided to try Flash Tattoos after having used them so quickly and easily on my easter eggs.

And you might think it’s self-explanatory, but there are actually a few tips I learned in the process to make less of a mess and get the best designs you can with your Flash Tattoos!


DIY flash tattoos pumpkins Erika Brechtel supply list

Step 1: What You Need

  • Pumpkins, preferably each with an even number of “ribs”
  • Small bowl of water
  • Sponge brush
  • Scissors
  • Flash Tattoos (or similar), plus optional studded stickers


DIY flash tattoos pumpkins Erika Brechtel prep

Step 2: Plan & Cut

I like the look of an alternating design, so I did a lot of cutting and planning before getting started. The trickiest part is figuring out how to cut the tattoos so you can cover every other rib with the same design. I even cut up some of the wider bands to get enough strips. Plan accordingly!


DIY flash tattoos pumpkins Erika Brechtel application

Step 3: Apply

On your skin, you might normally apply a Flash Tattoo with a wet cloth and press it for 30 seconds. I found this method to be much easier: press the piece against the pumpkin (it’s pretty sticky as it is) and keep wetting it with water from a sponge brush. The paper should just slide off. Alternate the design on each rib.

Additional Tips: 

  • Don’t forget to remove the plastic on the front of each piece (I forgot more than once!).
  • Keep the other Flash Tattoos away from the water so you don’t accidentally wet them.
  • After it’s applied, you can always scratch off bits and pieces, if you make a mistake or say, like in the above, you want to remove some of the tattoo to create a slightly different design (I removed some of the silver dots to make the gold line longer, for example).


DIY flash tattoos pumpkins Erika Brechtel

Step 4: Go to town!

Play around with different designs and use those studded stickers to add some dimensionality to your pumpkins!


Lastly: this is really easy to do with kids. My daughter had a blast decorating her own pumpkins (like the elephant one above!).

Have fun and Happy Halloween!




Photos & styling by Erika Brechtel

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