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“The secret to ascent is to never look down — always look up.”
– Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul

I’ve been on a bit of kick lately reading up on old faves and new discoveries on the subject of spirituality. Here are six recommendations:

The Untethered Soul

by Michael A. Singer

This one knocked my socks off! I don’t know how to explain it except to say that it just makes so much sense. It’s almost as if enlightenment is explained in a way we can wrap our “awareness” around it. It’s actually quite easy to live a life free from worry and old wounds. Highly recommend this one. Changed my life. Really.


The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho

You’ve probably heard of this one; it’s often on “successful people’s top 10 list.” If you haven’t read it, it’s a quick read, and rather than reading like non-fiction, it’s a wonderful story that will suck you in and make you ponder your own story too.


A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

by Karen Armstrong

I picked this one up in college because I wanted to understand how these three religions (monotheisms) are more alike than not. An in-depth read that takes you through biblical to classical to medieval to modern times, and just how connected these three religions really are. Seems more important than ever to understand now.


The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire

by Deepak Chopra

When you realize coincidences are not merely coincidences: how the universe sends us signs to push us in the “right” direction. And mind you, that direction may not always be pleasant but IS always meant to teach us and move us further along. Also enjoyed learning about the different classical archetypal categories we fall into — and surprised to learn which archetype resonated with me most…”love.”


The Power of Now

by Eckhart Tolle

I must’ve read this book about 20 years ago, and remember thinking then, “wow, I am slave to my brain!” Teaches you how to better live in the moment and free yourself of the planning and recalling that our brains love to do. And although it’s sold over 2 million copies, has been translated into 30 languages, and is considered a primer read, my opinion is that it does start to get advanced towards the last fourth of the book. Your brain may just shut down from overload trying to make sense of it…and maybe that’s the point.


Intuitive Being

by Jill Willard

This one was a fascinating read, more of a manual on our different chakras and how to cleanse and maximize each’s potential. I found it very interesting that different foods feed the various chakras, and how one blockage can affect your body dramatically in physical ways. But by clearing and aligning, you can become more intuitive and read situations and people more effectively. Give it a shot! (Then take a wheatgrass shot, which cleanses the heart.)


Through all of this reading, one big takeaway: we are not our brains. Our brains love to protect us from fear and pain through attempting to be in control at all times, and get upset when not. Step back and watch your brain work; be unattached emotionally. Don’t get dragged down into hurt and regret. When something hits you that’s unpleasant, recognize it and let it go. Actually feel that hurt leave your heart as you lift up your chest, your eyes. Always look up. And smile.

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