Audible gasp heard over here when I stumbled upon this room by former Elle Deco UK editor-turned-decorator Ilse Crawford. A modern chair, a Turkish-style rug, a mirrored chevron coffee table, a brass mushroom lamp…gasp! More from this ingenius woman…


Martha Streck (model) As captured by Vanessa Jackman This time of year I get addicted to street style photography at the fashion shows. One photographer in particular I just adore: Vanessa Jackman. Not only does she capture her subjects so well, but most of the time, she’ll give us links to get the looks for

[Guest Post] Luella & June Fall Smoking Slippers

Please welcome Bradley of Luella & June! I’m super excited about today’s guest, as Luella & June is a definite all-time fave! I’m always blown away by Bradley’s style — she packs her posts with pretty products and pics, and seemingly so effortlessly (very dangerous for my wallet)! But I for sure find something new with

C. WONDER In the O.C.

Newport Beach Grand Opening! Three cheers for colorful chic on the cheap! As if we in the O.C. aren’t spoiled enough with beautiful weather and beaches, now we have our very own C. Wonder store…

HAT TRICK Panama, Fedora

Man, I love a good easy brimmed hat. Throw it on with a seemingly standard ensemble, and suddenly you’re casual chic. I especially love it when paired with something unexpected — a pencil skirt, a silk dress, fancy flats, fall wear, leather or lace. Ladies, the panama and fedora are a spring, summer — and


Holding on I suppose I’m meant to be posting about fall fashion already. But it’s been 100 degrees here and I can hear crickets outside. And frankly, summer isn’t over for me until my birthday later this month. So instead, here’s what I’m really feeling, courtesy of the summer-inducing portfolio of photographer Daeja Fallas…


As a schoolgirl I feel like my schedule has been so jam packed lately. But I don’t think I’ll ever be too busy to get that giddy feeling of anticipation when one of your favorite publications launches a new issue. Such is the case with the latest Adore Home magazine. I don’t know if it’s

[Guest Post] Colour Bloc Pops of Colour

Please welcome Amelia of Colour Bloc! I’m so thrilled to present a client and a recently completed project of mine! Amelia is the art consultant and blogger behind her new exciting venture, Colour Bloc. I loved working with Amelia — it was such a fun project! Amelia is bright, talented, and I’m so impressed by

INDIGO Blue Pillow Obsessed

Am I too late? I feel like the indigo blue trend has come and gone, but perhaps revisiting us again for a fleeting summer moment?? ‘Tis my hope, as I’m determined to find just the right casually chic mix…

VIDEO Wedding Ceremony Serenade

(That’s me and my daughter second in the maids line-up!) So as I mentioned, my sis-in-law’s wedding was a total blast — but I didn’t have my iPhone on me, so failed to capture any photos! Bust! I was so busy with the day and my daughter, and well, I guess having too much fun.

Weekend Fun (& Get Sh** Done)

What a ride Don’t you hate when you have a great weekend planned, but it all seems to go by so quickly? Yah, well, I can’t believe it’s already Monday, let’s put it that way…

HIS & HERS To The Races

Playing “dress up” for the day Since my husband and I work for ourselves, we don’t often have the opportunity to get fancy. But tomorrow we’re headed to Del Mar for a charity fundraiser at the Thoroughbred Club — dress code strictly enforced! Great excuse to have gotten the husband a whole new outfit, including

[Guest Post] Queen of LA Pillow Talk

Please welcome Jordan, the Queen of LA! I love a girl with a rockin’ sense of humor. Jordan is not only one of those gals I heart, but also the type that totally knows herself, and OWNS it! She has great style, and one of these days when my life crazy crammed, I will definitely

JOIE Fall 2012

J’adore Joie It’s no secret that I heart Joie. If I were to tally up my closet, the front runners would be Joie with a staggering lead, then DVF, J.Crew and Rebecca Minkoff. I look to Joie for anything from silk tops that I know I can wear to a lazy Sunday brunch or a


Big bang for your buck After my crazed weekend*, I needed to decompress and add some calm in my life. A trip to Lowe’s and $13 later, mission accomplished! (Although my husband simply said, “It’s very…tropical,” which in my head that translates to, “It’s awesome sauce!”)

MIAMI DREAMIN’ Sexy, Sleek & Spiked

Vogue Brazil does Miami A friend and I are thinking a girls’ mid-winter trip to Miami is in order. I’ve never been! But being a Hawaii girl, warm weather, beachwear and cocktails always sound like a good idea. And seeing this glammy Vogue Brazil shoot that sets just the right tone confirms it for me…

TO UPDO Or Not to Updo

Help! Bridesmaid hair dilemma! My sis-in-law is getting married tomorrow! And I’m matron-of-honor. I’ve been so wrapped up in shower/bachelorette/stationery that it just dawned on me: ummm, I kinda need to decide on my hairstyle for the day! I am paying a professional to style it up, so I should probably come up with something good,

[Guest Post] ever swoon Headpieces by Halston

1966 cover shot of Wilhelmina wearing a Halston Hat - via Please welcome Tamra of ever swoon! What can I say? I heart Tamra, like we all do! She’s just the sweetest, least pretentious, totally creative and bubbly fun person you’ll ever meet. I am so honored that I got to help her create the look

BEFORE & AFTER Emily Henderson’s Office

Featuring the Hand Chair It’s another Wednesday of “Design Under the Influence” on La Dolce Vita, and today I’m discussing the Hand Chair by designer Pedro Friedeberg! You’ve seen it around, and maybe you don’t really get what the heck the deal is with it. Check out my post and maybe you  still won’t get


“Oldie” but goodie I don’t remember where or even when I first spotted the Orange County, CA home of designers Marc and Melissa Palazzo, but that’s besides the point. I’ve rediscovered their ultra cool interiors, and the mix of stellar lighting choices, a standout Lulu DK fabric, animal hides, fur, neutrals with pops of color,

THE MAXI Summer-to-Fall Style

Wear now and later Summer is by far the season I love most, and the maxi dress is my uniform of choice. My favorite ones are those that I know I can wear into fall, with the addition of a leather or denim jacket, and a pair of booties. Easiest, no-brainer outfit ever…

INTERVIEW Lulu DK for OpenSky

The Sky’s the limit for LuluDK! Lulu deKwiatkowski is a crush-worthy illustrator, artist, published designer, and major tastemaker. Her signature colorful coastal style has captured the hearts of beach lovers around the world (ahem, me!), through her textile, wallpaper, floor covering, bed linens, AND dinnerware lines. And now she’s joined OpenSky with a new “Seaside

[Guest Post] Design Darling Black + Gold

Please welcome Mackenzie of Design Darling! I’m over the moon that the adorable Mackenzie has stopped by today! I cannot express how much I admire her and all she has accomplished, and at such a young age. I have been following Mackenzie’s journey since she was in school, and she continues to amaze me with


Guest posting on The White Ruffle! Happy hump day! Some mid-week fun: I got to create a fashion & decor board for The White Ruffle today, featuring my current mood, Bohemian! This particular board was inspired by a Julie Christie watercolor print I recently picked up from artist Cate Parr. Can’t wait to hang it…