…times 2… It’s only Wednesday but I think I’ve hit a state of delirium. A good one due to an over-full workload and that photo shoot of my house yesterday. It was the first time I’ve had my house professionally photographed, and the first time I’ve had myself professionally photographed since my wedding (uh, almost


Our little afternoon adventure… Some of you may have heard that Sabra of The Lonely Wife Project , Irene of designstILes and lil ol’ me met up on Saturday! It was truly a blogger encounter of the first kind for me, and I could not have been more excited, nervous and giddy with anticipation. We

[Guest Post] designstILes: Gifts for the Birthday Girl

Please welcome Irene of designstILes! Today is actually the big day, and I can I just tell you how fun it’s been to “celebrate” this week with ALL of you?! I could lie and make it sound like I’m so organized that a birthday-themed week was exactly what I had planned. But truthfully, the generous and

Must Reads: 5 to Add to Your List This Weekend

Trust, if you like this blog then you’ll LOVE theirs… We all have our favorites that we know we just have to visit and be inspired by on a daily basis. Thought I’d share 5 of mine that I may not have properly given props to enough in the past. These ladies all have a

The Art of the Console

True love Completely smitten with these art + console compositions: