So thrilled for client Carla Hatler on the opening of Lacquer, the first upscale nail salon in downtown Austin! Carla came to me needing a logo design and coordinating brand elements, already having a very clear vision of what her new space needed to be. Going through the pre-design process, it was evident that Carla wanted


Still pouring through 1000+ photographs (!) from my London and Marrakech trips, but definitely wanted to share these: the sophisticated, art-filled home of a dear friend’s parents off the Fulham Road on the Chelsea/Kensington border in London. Her mum is an artist, trained at the prestigious Central Saint Martins School of Art (the same of A.

FRONT ROW FORECAST Metallics Do Have More Fun

Back from London and Marrakech, and grateful to be back in the land of connectivity and communication! Despite my best efforts, I ended up only getting a few minutes a day on wi-fi which meant very little email/calls/texts, and even less (er, no) blogging. But it was a successful trip and I can’t wait to

NAPA VALLEY INSIDER Winery Recommendations

“It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking wine: the arrival of a friend, one’s present or future thirst, the excellence of the wine, or any other reason.” ~ Latin proverb A second installment from Tom Inlay, a 20-year Napa Valley wine industry veteran (and my dad!): NAPA VALLEY WINERY RECOMMENDATIONS

BRAND BUILDING Five Helpful Articles

Obviously, I love branding. And I strive to create brands for my clients that they absolutely love (as I love mine!). A brand needs to be three things: right for them, unique in their marketplace, and consistent throughout all media and messaging. They should feel proud, take ownership, be invigorated, have fun with it, want to push it out every single day.

THE MIX WITH YUKI Pantry Beauty Products

Did you know you might have three great beauty products right in your pantry? You may have been hearing a lot lately about the beauty benefits of natural products that you might think you can only use in your cooking. My dear friend/foodie Yuki Pitkin claims these three in particular do wonders for your skin,


Being a mom, I can attest: it’s not hard to make us happy that one day a year. Something sparkly, something scented, something silky, something floral or something just plain pretty to look at is all we need (and I’m a firm believer that moms deserve to treat themselves too). Here’s what’s on my list


Life has been so full lately, I haven’t made much progress on the last few bits of my studio revamp. White carrera marble tile floors have been installed, walls have been painted, my brass etagere/design library is up, but there’s so much more I want to do! At least I’m still invigorated by what I’ve


This editorial has my name written all over it: easy contemporary looks set in an authentically retro-glam Miami home. The clothes are beautiful, (as is her hair!) and don’t mind if I stare at the decor in the background of this spring shoot for Elle Czech and wonder, who lives here?! My art director senses are tingling


While it’s not entirely surprising that energetic, vivacious floral prints would stem—so to speak—from someone so aptly named Joy, her use of color and scale can still be unexpectedly cheer-inducing. This (and more) made designing textile artist Joy Laforme‘s logo such a pleasure. We at The E List were lucky enough to catch up with

COCO ROCHA Spunky Mod Nursery

Absolutely LOVE this fresh, artsy space for model Coco Rocha and her new babe, designed by One King’s Lane designer Alex Reid. The black and white elements bring sophistication into the room’s bright and colorful cheer. It’s a perfect blend of tempered mid-century modern and Moroccan pieces with baby-appropriate playfulness — a room a child

LOUIS VUITTON City Guides 2015

Last year the Louis Vuitton City Guides underwent a major redesign for its 15th anniversary, and for 2015, six new cities have been added to the collection — Berlin, Istanbul, Shanghai, Singapore, Milan and Rio de Janeiro – plus an updated version of the Paris guide. As I’m off to London (and Marrakesh!) shortly for work/play, I will definitely be picking up


It’s that time of year again: everyone’s prepping their effortless looks with a lot of effort. And you may be asking yourself, how can I pull off that eclectic, casually thrown-together look as well? I’ve come up with a formula you can use to ensure that you are indeed one of the cool girls too,


If I were to look back at the last month, I’d say, “boy, that was rough.” I got sick (and sick again, then again) and my daughter got really sick, which inevitably means my client work load and volunteer work load backs up and I find myself working late nights…the cycle continues. Additionally, with recent

SPRING SHOE Open-Toe Booties

I recently picked up a pair of open-toe booties for an upcoming work trip to London, and I already can’t get enough of them. From day to night, they play well with dresses and skinnies, shorts and skirts, and they’re perfect for strolling, shopping and generally adding of-the-moment style to any ensemble. The only issue


“The best kind of wine is that which is most pleasant to him who drinks it.” ~ Pliny the Elder, Roman author I admit I have been accused of being a “wine snob.” An unfair assessment if you ask me; I just like what I like! This is mainly because I grew up with a

FRONT ROW FORECAST Color Trends for Spring 2015

Contributor Jolie E. Smith is back, reporting on the top color trends for the Spring 2015 season! Each year, insiders from different industries ranging from music, movies, technology, sports, beauty, automotive, home furnishings, fashion and more share opinions on what color will best express the ascending mood and attitude of the consumer.  Fashion designers take

LONDON LUXE in Black & White

With black and white marble floors, deco antiques, and a 1970′s glam of mirrored pieces, fur, leopard and brass, the Notting Hill townhome of designer Colin Radcliffe and wife Angela Dunn is a study in sleek sophistication. In this total rehaul of a once dilapidated 1760′s Georgian, the refined spaces now exude major sex appeal. Pierre Cardin, Louis

SPRING RELEASES Art & Design Books

A few weeks ago I posted about my current design library with tips on how to style a bookcase. It’s continuously a work in progress, as I continuously find more books to add to my collection (but how does one resist all this inspiration?!). To help you filter through the flood of weekly releases, here

CLIENT LOVE Sperry x Gray Malin Launch Party!

This week I was so thrilled to get to celebrate one of my favorite clients Gray Malin as he launched his collection with Sperry Top-Sider! The three styles they created together featuring Gray’s photography of Lisbon, Cefalu and Capetown are unique and fun, and so on brand for both of them. What a great collab!

#MCM David Gandy

If you’re not familiar with British model David Gandy, you can thank me later. Vogue ranked Gandy #2 in their “Top Male Models of All Time” and he’s a regular on “Best Dressed” lists all over the web. A man with looks, style, and a big heart, Gandy donates his time to several charitable efforts

PUNK REDUX Saint Laurent Fall 2015

Gazing at the looks gracing the runways in New York, London, Milan and Paris the past few weeks, I’m giddy with delight at the creativity and craftsmanship invested in each collection. And while the expected beauty of Louis Vuitton and Chanel makes me ooh and ahh and sigh, the show that resonates with me? Saint Laurent. Yes it’s subversive


“I don’t care about style anymore, in a way I hate style, I hate design. It’s about life, and generosity.” ~ Joseph Dirand In Paris’ Seventh Arrondissement, French architect Joseph Dirand created a home for his family inspired by the simplicity of 17th-century Italian interiors with grayed stucco walls and the inherent natural beauty of marble

BEHIND-THE-SCENES Paris in NYC Fashion Shoot

One absolute favorite type of project to work on for me is a photo shoot — the conceptualization, the collaboration, the preparation, and the improvisation that has to happen on set is a rush of creativity. And seeing all that hard work manifested in beautifully captured compositions is quite a thrill. On my recent trip