Guilty as charged, I’m an over-anxious auntie-to-be! We just recently found out that my younger brother and his wife are having a boy, and we are so very excited for them! So now comes the fun part: planning the nursery. Of course I wanted to help with it (even if they hadn’t asked for it

A pink & yellow safari

My daughter’s room Originally I wanted to do a post on a fab vintage find for my daughter’s room, but as it evolved, I decided to go ahead and take more photos of her whole room. (They are not great photos so I apologize in advance!) But first a little background: now that she is almost two,

Sidetracked: Nursery Fun!

Already coming into the world in style Recently a dear friend asked me to help her with the nursery for her bun-in-the-oven. Knowing that this friend is particularly stylish (and particular), I was excited about the challenge. We have much the same taste, with hers trending more traditional and classic. With that in mind, I set out

10 Ways I Resolve to Style My Life in 2011

#1: Listen to my new favorite album, A LOT. Just discovered this little gem: Frank Sinatra singing Bossa Nova. Sets the perfect mood for a little relaxation at the end of a long day. What could possibly be better? Perhaps if I also… #2: Try out a few concoctions from the Mad Men Cocktail iPhone app. …like a Vodka